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Direct promotion tools - Novartis Myfortic  Bernardić studio

Direct promotion tools - Novartis Myfortic

Myfortic is a drug by the pharmaceutical company Novartis which prevents the rejection of transplanted kidneys, or, to put it more professionally, Myfortic is indicated for prophylaxis of the acute rejection of transplants in adult patients who received allogeneic kidney transplants.

For the B2B promotion of Myfortic, we created the slogan Accept me as your own! We applied the slogan to kidney-shaped cushions made specially for this purpose, and in such a way clearly linked the drugs functionality and intention, also giving the entire message additional emotional value.


Direct promotion tools - Novartis Myfortic  Bernardić studio

Direct promotion tools - Novartis Myfortic  Bernardić studio

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Direct promotion tools - Novartis Myfortic  Bernardić studio
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